Louise’s edit put words to the main issues I was having, and clarified what I was missing. The main issue was two intersecting plots that, when entwined, confused and separated the reader from the message of the novel. Louise allowed this severe error to surface, and drowned it again so that the waters would always be clear.

The hand was firm, but gentle. It respected my writing style and approved of the themes, motifs and humour that I was trying to inject within the novel, her words of encouragement were equally important as her harsh slap of reality.

I could go on, but Louise’s work speaks for itself. Read the edit, realise that you do have a talented individual in front of you and grab her, grab her before someone else realises that talent that sits before them.” Shaun Morris, fiction writer.


“Finding Louise Lilley from Jackal Editing and Proofreading was a true piece of good fortune. Louise helped me change my negative view about editing from a boring, intrusive and inevitable, process to a fascinating quest for passionate, clear and compelling writing.

Until I met her I was struggling with my writing, and procrastinating forever, making a few steps and then getting excited about a new idea (a great excuse for not finishing what I started).

Louise always gives me detailed feedback. She has a knack for giving enough information about the changes she suggests, so I can make the changes knowing what I’m doing and why without feeling overwhelmed.

She also has the ability to edit different texts in a way that takes into account different genre, format and the planned audience. I believe that it takes more than technical knowledge and expertise to tune into different clients’ needs.

Louise’s feedback is helpful on every step and any level of writing: making sure that the idea is clear enough, outlying the story, building the strong structure without losing tension, excitement, and the joy of creating.

I’m sure that Louise’s feedback helps me to learn how to not just write a book, but how to write a successful book.

I speak several languages, I love writing and public speaking, and I’m pretty confident. I don’t have panic attacks when I ask for a critique. But I know I make mistakes, and I don’t want my readers struggle trying to figure out what the hell I meant because I used wrong expressions or because my writing doesn’t flow.

Louise has great coaching skills. The way she guides me through the confusion of possible choices and solutions makes me discover my own ways of improving my writing. I still listen to my intuition, as I always have, but when I get stuck I don’t just backtrack and rewrite hoping it’ll work somehow; I analyse the text using Louise’s comments and make it work. Even then, she still helps me to make it even better, of course.

In a nutshell Louise is competent, experienced, talented and emphatic. I recommend her editing, proofreading and coaching services to my clients and fellow writers.” Grazina Ajana Szewczyk, life/business coach, writer, artist.

“I created a story as an assignment for a Coursera writing course. I thought that it has a potential to be adapted for a children’s picture book, but no knowledge of what my next steps should be. Fortunately my ex-wife recommended an editor who edits her writing. I emailed my story to Louise and after a very short time I received a 1479 words email with requested changes and suggestions for revision of my story. I was speechless! Louise dissected my story into pieces, analysed all its aspects, taking into account possible outcomes of plot changes. She suggested the best solution she thought would be perfect to make this story adaptable for a children’s picture book.

Louise doesn’t just suggest changes; she also makes me understand how to apply them, and why they are necessary, so when I write next time I can take this advice into account and avoid mistakes or flaws in my writing.

English is not my native language, and I often get stuck on phrases that English background people have no problem with. Sometimes a sentence may not flow as an English sentence should. That’s where Louise’s help and advice is vital.

I’m sure that after applying all the advice given by Louise I will create a great children’s picture book.

I’m also looking forward to working with Louise in all my future projects.

I highly recommend Louise editing services to anyone.” Ian Szewczyk.