Manuscript Appraisal

A manuscript appraisal is for those who want feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their manuscript or writing and suggestions about how the manuscript can be improved. It does not involve any editing. The author is provided with a report addressing aspects such as structure, plot, character, voice, and language. I offer this service for full, part and incomplete manuscripts.


Structural Editing

Structural editing is the assessment of the ‘bigger picture’ of the manuscript. The editor will ensure that everything contributes to the central idea or purpose of the work and that it is suitable for its intended audience, medium and purpose. Aspects of the document that the editor will examine include organisation, language, style, narrative elements, progression, relevance and completeness. The aim of structural editing is to refine the content of the document.



During the copyediting stage, the editor will go through the manuscript line by line, character by character, to ensure correctness and accuracy of style, spelling, grammar and language, and will improve readability. Copyediting may involve rewriting of sentences, but does not involve restructuring content. Copyediting is completed under the assumption that the document has gone through the structural editing stage.

I offer both a light copyedit and a heavy copyedit.



Proofreading is the final check of the document, and involves eliminating errors that have be missed or introduced by previous editing and revision stages. There will be no rewriting or restructuring during the proofreading stage, and proofreading is completed under the assumption that the document has been edited.




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