Using All Five Senses in Your Story: Why You Should Do It, and How

Writing and storytelling are two sides of the same coin, and one usually needs to be skilled in both to create a great story. If your prose is not engaging, your story may not be enough to maintain your reader’s interest; therefore, those of us in the business of helping writers like to suggest that … Read more

#FirstChapterFirday September

First Chapter Friday #6 (September)

Not sure what #FirstChapterFriday is? Watch the video Face Value, Ian Andrew Engaging First Sentence? It wasn’t the prettiest place to die. I liked it; it told me that I was starting the story in the middle of an action scene so it probably wouldn’t be a boring or slow start. It also told me … Read more

Third Person

How Intimate Is Third Person?

“First person is more intimate than third person.” That’s what we’re often told. First person allows the reader to connect with the point of view character, to really get to know them by reading about their thoughts and feelings firsthand. First person narrators feel more real because they have something that third person narrators apparently … Read more