Writing Rules Explained #4: Don't Use Passive Voice

Writing Rules Explained #4: Don’t Use Passive Voice

I have a plug-in on my website that constantly tells me to rewrite my content because I use passive voice too much. If I were to import my content into an online text analyser, I’d get the same result. “Don’t use passive voice” is a rule that you can bet appears on probably just about … Read more

#FirstChapterFriday August

First Chapter Friday #5 (August)

Don’t know what #FirstChapterFriday is? Watch the video. A Court of Thorns and Roses, Sarah J. Maas Engaging first sentence? No, not particularly. I’m finding a lot of books that use the first line to describe setting. While I appreciate being thrown into the scene straight away, I’m more interested in what is happening than … Read more

The Power of Passive Voice

The Power of Passive Voice

Active voice tells us the subject is doing the action (The dog chased the cat). Passive voice tells us that the subject is having the the action done to it (The cat was chased by the dog). Easy enough to understand in theory, but confusing and frowned upon nonetheless. The problem with passive voice is that … Read more